Voting is now open for the annual Digital Humanities (DH) Awards. This is a lovely opportunity to see so much great work done by so many folks! Also, the Digital Library of the Caribbean has an entry in the category “BEST DH DATASET (E.G. A CORPUS OF TEXTS, TABLE OF DATA, OR SIMILAR USED FOR DH RESEARCH)” for dLOC as Data: A Thematic Approach to Caribbean Newspapers Please learn about it and others, and vote! Info and voting link again:  Read More →

I often enough get asked on standard rates for consulting, as well as for stipends, honoraria, and speaker fees. Documenting here for my ease of reference and in case useful for others, and looking forward to updating as I learn more. Stipends vary a lot based on the type of work and time duration. Honoraria are so often a thanks (often $250-1,000 for a presentation, grant review panel, or several days of work) that are viewed as in addition to a salary. From what I’ve seen for consulting rates, these are normally first-and-only-job rates, and are often $100-125/hour for experts. Guidance like this example fromRead More →

For the UF Digital Collections, in addition to under-the-hood work, there are some new updates that you can see: Advanced Search update: The Advanced search page is updated for clarity on what is being searched and search options. This will soon also be in place for the Florida Digital Newspaper Library and Digital Library of the Caribbean. Alert on the UFDC pages for the Florida Newspaper collection: Users had experienced confusion using UFDC with the newspaper collection, instead of the new Florida Digital Newspaper site, which has additional features (like the titles list with the ability to browse by county). Now, the Florida newspaperRead More →

UWI St. Augustine released a wonderful article on “Dr. Alma Jordan, first UWI St. Augustine and University Librarian, Caribbean pioneer in library and information services, passes on. ” Sharing here so that I can easily find this later on, and to hopefully help others in finding this wonderful and important story. Huge thanks to Zahra Gordon for excellent writing, UWI St. Augustine for publishing, and to Dr. Shamin Renwick for sharing it! See the PDF and see all of the UWI Today archives.Read More →

Each morning, I make espresso at home. It’s a small joy to make a single, small cup. It is a joy to take a moment and focus on one nice thing, and nothing else. Today and in recent mornings, Robins are moving through, chattering in the trees as they dance about the tree tops. Hearing them sing and watching them fly is another small joy.Read More →

I have a lot of research to do, and so these thoughts are ill-formed. Writing because it is helpful for me to write this out (and to come back to it later) and hoping it might be useful in some other way, too. The Libraries at UF have so many awesome folks, and many are reading Knowledge Justice together. First, the book is great, and everyone should read it. And, the Libraries are great and so lovely to read together. I’m not responding to the book or the reading group; I’m responding to my understanding of this chapter in relation to my work/life experiences andRead More →

With the new bylaws in effect that reflect governance and program activities, dLOC has an organizational chart! The lines are active relations – all groups interact with each other at different times and for different reasons; the lines are not restrictive nor directive. The org chart reflects an active diagram of dLOC’s operations, where Partners are the heart, and are supported by the Host Institutions, Scholarly Advisory Board, Executive Board, and financially supporting members. Also, please note that Partners and Members are similar words, and translation complicates this further. We’ve seen confusion in the past where some Partners have asked if they had to beRead More →

Executive Board / Junta Ejecutiva / Bureau Exécutif The elections have concluded, with unanimous results approving the new bylaws and electing the new Executive Board members! Congratulations to the new Executive Board Members: Orlando Dowart, University of Suriname; Dr. Charles D. Eckman, University of Miami; Dr. Schuyler Esprit, Create Caribbean Research Institute; Dr. Berthamae Walker, University of The Bahamas. Thanks to all of the Board Members for their service! See all: ¡Las elecciones han concluido, con resultados unánimes aprobando los nuevos estatutos y eligiendo a los nuevos miembros de la Junta Ejecutiva! Felicitaciones a los nuevos miembros de la Junta Ejecutiva: Orlando Dowart, Universidad deRead More →

The ARL Position Description Bank (PD Bank) now includes over 4,000 position descriptions, at 4,222 to be exact. Importantly, the newest community member is the Research Libraries UK (RLUK), and their institutions have contributed 233 PDs. More About the ARL PD Bank In March 2012, the ARL (Association of Research Libraries) Board of Directors authorized the establishment of the ARL PD (Position Description) Bank. ARL contributed a significant portion of the programming cost for the system, which was developed by a team at the University of Florida (UF) with broad input from other institutions, including over 20 ARL member institutions, via surveys, focus groups, andRead More →

The fabulous Digital Development Team continues to release regular enhancements for all 3 portals (UF Digital Collections, Digital Library of the Caribbean, and the Florida Digital Newspaper Library). With so much new since the start of 2022, I’m trying to keep up with writing on the new stuff here, for my own ease of reference and sharing! For example, the Florida Digital Newspaper Library has the option to browse titles by county: Please check it out! And, check out exploring the titles in FDNL, looking through each which display all together and in chronological order, as with the Independent Florida Alligator. It will likelyRead More →