It’s George’s Birthday – a Post Office Tale

I love the little stories all around us that speak to our wonderful humanity. Today I went to the post office to drop something off, and the sign on the door said “It’s George’s Birthday”. I was excited to see that someone was having a birthday celebration. I went in, saw George, and got to tell him happy birthday.  He offered me a  cupcake, and shared that his manager had set up the cupcakes and decorations (balloons!). This is one little story, like so many others, that we all take part in (or pass right next to) each day.

I love the little ways that we also celebrate each other, are kind with each other, and support joy.  I wonder who will have a celebration next? Will it be at work, my neighborhood, somewhere I didn’t expect it like the post office? Will I get to see it?  I’ll have joy regardless, knowing that there are many happy things all around.

Sending joy to others, with a little story of joy from a Connecticut post office.