Working at the UConn Library is completely wonderful. For example, this week, we’ve had many discussions on gratitude practices. Following that, I’m writing  a bit here. I am thankful and happy for friends, family, and community. I am grateful for and greatly appreciate working with a fantastic team at UConn.

I am also incredibly grateful to be in Connecticut. While we’ve had a few hot days, I love Connecticut weather and environment overall, with seasons, breezy and windy days. While Pete and I could someday move again, it will be within New England. We’ve found home and are looking forward to life in this region. I’m thankful for seeing bobcats, foxes, deer, a tiny shrew, bunnies, hummingbirds, fireflies, and so much more outdoor life, along with good concerts, great farms, awesome farmers markets, cool fairs, kayaking, hiking, and biking, and just things that fit our pace and desire to be outside and around nature.

In my regular gratitude journal, I happily note things that are, have been, and will be. I experience anticipatory joy now for coming things. With fall nearing, some of my potentially new favorite things may include fall itself, corn mazes, hay rides, firepit fires, baking when it’s cold outside, wearing slippers (I’m familiar with hot outside and being jiffy feet barefooted, so slippers are exciting and new for me!), pumpkin patches, wearing a Halloween costume without sweating, and doing all sorts of things following the seasons.