In the long ago past, I would have shared pictures on my website, and then that moved to Facebook, next to Twitter, and now we’re back again. Earlier this year, Pete and I adopted a second rescue dog, Olivia (champagne color) who joins the house with Gertie (Foxhound mix) and the cats (Wobblie and Mystery Cat). Sharing photos of them is happy, so sharing here and hoping anyone seeing them gains a bit of joy!Read More →

I am super thankful to see the posting “Why I Hate Anonymous Feedback: 5 Issues with Soliciting Feedback” from brilliant DeEtta Jones! In the posting, she writes about issues with the ways organizations solicit feedback, and shares a link to this site for pros/cons of anonymous feedback (which recommends a balance of both attributed and not attributed). For listing the 5 issues, the one on anonymous is: 4. Anonymous Anonymous feedback involves creating systems for asking people to share feedback without identifying themselves. Often people advocate for anonymous feedback because of fear of retribution for sharing information that’s critical or negative. So while I get andRead More →

Sharing this wonderful opportunity, led by Tania M. Ríos Marrero, Project Coordinator, Digital Library of the Caribbean. With generous support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, we are excited to announce a call for proposals from individuals and groups seeking to develop open educational resources (OER) that build upon, enhance, or complement dLOC collections.  There will be three open calls for proposals awarding over $100,000 over the course of the Revitalizing dLOC program period. In this first round, proposals will be due on March 15, 2023. Please view the following links to the CFP to learn more: Call for Proposals 2022-2023 (English) Link to PDF Convocatoria de propuestasRead More →

Noticias! News! Recetas de las Américas es un proyecto experimental de humanidades digitales. Se basa en datos de recetas impresas en periódicos históricos publicados en la Florida que fueron digitalizados y puestos a disposición en línea a través del US Caribbean and Ethnic Florida Digital Newspaper Project. El proyecto hace que las recetas de los periódicos impresos sean más accesibles e interactivas al integrar la búsqueda y el filtrado por ingrediente, curso de comida y restricciones dietéticas. Vea el sitio completo y tenga en cuenta que es HTML estático (nuevo en las bibliotecas de la UF, ¡e increíble e importante para el mundo!): Recipes From theRead More →

It is always wonderful to announce a new publication from the LibraryPress@UF, and this one is also on library publishing! Message below from editor Perry Collins: I’m very pleased to announce the launch of a new journal, Case Studies in Library Publishing (CSLP), as well as a Call for Abstracts (deadline Dec. 9) for the first issue. Edited by Chelsea Johnston and Perry Collins, alongside editorial board members jaime ding and Christine Turner, CSLP will provide concrete project examples to inspire and support those involved with library publishing as we ground and grow our work. Through a case study approach, the journal will offer a dedicated space forRead More →

Within Library Technology & Digital Strategies and especially Library Technology Services in the Libraries at UF, we’ve been implementing optimized (for us!) agile, including product management since 2020. Part of doing this work is, as always, communicating new ways or working and ensuring folks understand and can use processes to be able to request support for solutions, just as well as for the team to evaluate requests and deliver solutions. We’ve implemented new processes, including a business case briefing and review, and have been talking about product management for years, and now I’ve been asked to share more on this with a local presentation. NotRead More →

Diversity as Knowledge Series Keynote: Schuyler Esprit, ‘The Right to Serendipity: The Unlikely Scenes of Caribbean Knowledge Production’ October 27, 1pm Central (2pm Miami time) In what ways do individuals and communities of the region assert their “right to research”? How does the integration of digital technologies and digital humanities methodologies facilitate the preservation and articulation of local knowledges, even in the face of economic underdevelopment, political fragility, climate vyulnerability or diminished social significance? This talk will provide examples, through the work of Create Caribbean Research Institute, of unlikely collaborations between community organizations, students and citizen-scholars that lead to formal and vernacular outcomes, constituting anRead More →

Call for Papers:  Journal of West Indian Literature Special Issue on Literature, Art, and Environmental Activism Writers, filmmakers, musicians, and other arts performers have taken a leading role in protesting governmental failure and corporate responsibility for environmental destruction and disaster across the Caribbean. In the 2000s, Caribbean writers, filmmakers, visual and other artists have spoken truth to power in Puerto Rico and Dominica after the tragedy of Hurricane Maria, in the struggle to preserve Jamaica’s Cockpit country from bauxite mining, and against extractive industries, tourism, and other environmentally destructive forms of development. In fact, writers and artists have been documenting, illuminating, and protesting environmental destructionRead More →

CFP: Edited Collection Liberatory Librarianship: Case Studies of Information Professionals Supporting Justice  Editors:   Dr. Laurie Taylor (University of Florida, USA)  Dr. Shamin Renwick (University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago)  Brian Keith (University of Florida, USA)  Background:   In this volume to be published by the American Library Association, we seek to explore what is “liberatory librarianship,” using liberatory to mean serving to liberate or set free and using “librarianship” capaciously, to include all information professionals, including archivists, museum professionals, and others who may or may not identify as librarians.   Liberatory librarianship involves the application of the skills, knowledge, abilities, professional ethics, andRead More →

The Libraries at UF are hiring for a Senior Application Developer for Digital Libraries. Applications are due 9/29. This is a fantastic position that works with an amazing team, working on wonderful public-facing systems with the UF Digital Collections, Digital Library of the Caribbean, and Florida Digital Newspaper Library! Please see the full posting! Read More →