The wonderful Digital Development Team within the Library Technology Services Department has released another major update to the digital collections systems, which power the UF Digital Collections (UFDC), Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), and Florida Digital Newspaper Library. I see this time of year as a time for giving thanks and gifts, and this is definitely a gift to us all! Huge thanks to the team! The full list is below. I want to pull out just a couple of things: Serial navigation view for items that are within a serial title This has been wanted for years! While within a single issue ofRead More →

University Press of Florida at UF is seeking interns for the Spring 2023 semester in acquisitions and marketing. The internship program offers students of all majors the opportunity to gain employment experience in the business of book publishing. The Acquisitions Intern assists the Acquisitions department and works on book projects at all stages of the acquisitions process, and performs other clerical duties as assigned. Excellent written communication skills and organizational abilities are essential. This position is ideal for students who enjoy reading and discussing books and scholarship, who want to gain experience in the publishing business, and who are interested in exploring book publishing asRead More →

I’m working on an article for SOURCE Magazine at UF, on the history of the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) from UF’s perspective, in terms of UF’s long history of Caribbean collection building. This is super fun, and super long! The Libraries at UF have always identified as Caribbean libraries, so there’s a wealth of information on collaboration dating back to the 1920s. I’m excited to write this story, as I know it, and to hopefully hear from folks who can expand my understanding of UF’s and dLOC’s full histories. I’m posting right now because I don’t think I speak nearly enough about aRead More →

Soon, many folks will be sending professional holiday cards from departments or institutions to others. My all time favorite of these is the one from the LibraryPress@UF and Digital Partnerships & Strategies, from 2020. The card wonderfully captures our response to 2020 and our work for finding joy, as told through a wonderfully wild card! Huge thanks to Tracy MacKay-Ratliff for making this! And, please watch with the audio, which just makes it better!Read More →

In the long ago past, I would have shared pictures on my website, and then that moved to Facebook, next to Twitter, and now we’re back again. Earlier this year, Pete and I adopted a second rescue dog, Olivia (champagne color) who joins the house with Gertie (Foxhound mix) and the cats (Wobblie and Mystery Cat). Sharing photos of them is happy, so sharing here and hoping anyone seeing them gains a bit of joy!Read More →

I am super thankful to see the posting “Why I Hate Anonymous Feedback: 5 Issues with Soliciting Feedback” from brilliant DeEtta Jones! In the posting, she writes about issues with the ways organizations solicit feedback, and shares a link to this site for pros/cons of anonymous feedback (which recommends a balance of both attributed and not attributed). For listing the 5 issues, the one on anonymous is: 4. Anonymous Anonymous feedback involves creating systems for asking people to share feedback without identifying themselves. Often people advocate for anonymous feedback because of fear of retribution for sharing information that’s critical or negative. So while I get andRead More →

Sharing this wonderful opportunity, led by Tania M. Ríos Marrero, Project Coordinator, Digital Library of the Caribbean. With generous support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, we are excited to announce a call for proposals from individuals and groups seeking to develop open educational resources (OER) that build upon, enhance, or complement dLOC collections.  There will be three open calls for proposals awarding over $100,000 over the course of the Revitalizing dLOC program period. In this first round, proposals will be due on March 15, 2023. Please view the following links to the CFP to learn more: Call for Proposals 2022-2023 (English) Link to PDF Convocatoria de propuestasRead More →

Noticias! News! Recetas de las Américas es un proyecto experimental de humanidades digitales. Se basa en datos de recetas impresas en periódicos históricos publicados en la Florida que fueron digitalizados y puestos a disposición en línea a través del US Caribbean and Ethnic Florida Digital Newspaper Project. El proyecto hace que las recetas de los periódicos impresos sean más accesibles e interactivas al integrar la búsqueda y el filtrado por ingrediente, curso de comida y restricciones dietéticas. Vea el sitio completo y tenga en cuenta que es HTML estático (nuevo en las bibliotecas de la UF, ¡e increíble e importante para el mundo!): Recipes From theRead More →

It is always wonderful to announce a new publication from the LibraryPress@UF, and this one is also on library publishing! Message below from editor Perry Collins: I’m very pleased to announce the launch of a new journal, Case Studies in Library Publishing (CSLP), as well as a Call for Abstracts (deadline Dec. 9) for the first issue. Edited by Chelsea Johnston and Perry Collins, alongside editorial board members jaime ding and Christine Turner, CSLP will provide concrete project examples to inspire and support those involved with library publishing as we ground and grow our work. Through a case study approach, the journal will offer a dedicated space forRead More →