Some thoughts on 2023, and thankful for life in New England

I have almost been in Connecticut for a full year. Pete and I moved here in February. Since then, I’ve been working as an Associate University Librarian (Associate Dean) in the UConn Library, and we’ve been exploring Connecticut and learning life as New Englanders. We’re loving exploring and learning about living in the north. Connecticut and UConn are wonderful, and it’s a process to start in a new place. 

My mom, who had been in hospice since 2021, passed in June 2023. Supporting her had been like trying to control an ever-accelerating fall since 2016. I’m happy that she’s at peace. I’m super thankful for Pete and my brother all being part of the care team. With her passing, I realized that what I thought had been stress was actually that I am in perimenopause. As I learn more to regain the ability to sleep (huge thanks go to the menopause reddit community!), my thoughts at the end of this year are especially with folks dealing with caregiving and physical impacts.

As this year ends and I look forward to the new year beginning, I am so incredibly thankful for Pete, family, friends, fur-babies, New England (weather, seasons, personality, and more!), and being alive and working to be more compassionate, gentle, kind, and joyous. With hope and love, looking forward to the coming year, starting with the southern tradition of cornbread, greens, and black eyed peas🙂