Wandering and keeping in touch

Pete and I have been in Connecticut for nearly a full year, and we spend a great deal of time hiking and exploring. It’s wonderful to meet new folks and new places, trails, trees, and waterways. As we wander, it’s also wonderful to be in touch with old friends. I’m trying again to be more on social media to support communication, and I’m embracing my confused social media presence.

I’m writing this on my blog, knowing that it will pipe automatically to LinkedIn (where it seems a bit weird, yet works with lots of folks are connected), Facebook, and Mastodon. I’m also on Bluesky and Instagram (and reading reddit). If people want to see what Pete and I are up to, the best place is Pete’s Instagram, which shows photos of our life – filled with hiking, dogs, and cats.

Also, while I’m minimally active on social media, I am incredibly thankful for dog and cat videos, especially for ones which show dogs being sassy and using words like friggin and floofin. Maybe someday I’ll make a video about Olivia with her big under bite, which we call a bunderbite. For now, we’ll be sharing photos as we have time connected with much of life disconnected in the woods and by the fire, and enjoying things shared from friends old and new.