Thrilled to be posting this position! This will be in the Digital Partnerships & Strategies Department with me and the rest of the team! Looking forward to a new collaborator! —- POSITION VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT Caribbean Partnerships Librarian Assistant University Librarian or Associate University Librarian University of Florida George A Smathers Libraries SALARY: $62,800 minimum salary at the Assistant University Librarian rank $72,600 minimum salary at the Associate University Librarian rank The Smathers Libraries offer a salary commensurate with experience and credentials The University of Florida’s George A. Smathers Libraries seek a Caribbean Partnerships Librarian that will provide leadership in planning, developing, and managing partnerships andRead More →

See the full announcement on Fight for Rights from the LibraryPress@UF website. The book is freely available online ( and no permission is necessary to access or share. I am super excited to share that the LibraryPress@UF has published Fight for Rights: The Chicago 1919 Riots and the Struggle for Black Justice, a freely available, digital monograph, by Dr. Elizabeth Dale, Professor of History and Law at UF! The LibraryPress@UF utilized Scalar for the book, and it is our first major publication in Scalar, so an excellent resource itself and an exemplar that informs our future digital publications and processes. From the announcement, about theRead More →

Por favor, vea los anuncios de posición completos adjuntos en español y ingles. / Please see the full position announcements attached in English and Spanish. Universidad de Puerto Rico Recinto de Río Piedras Facultad de Humanidades / CRiiAS Convocatoria abierta a puesto de Académico Residente en Humanidades Digitales Título: Catedrático Auxiliar/Académico Residente en Humanidades Digitales Tipo de Contrato: Nombramiento Especial por 12 meses Salario Base: $45,720.00. anual / $3,750.00 mensual Tipo de trabajo: Tiempo completo (37.5hrs./semanal) Día de Publicación: 1 de abril de 2022 Periodo de Aplicación: 30 de abril de 2022 Dia de Inicio: 1 de julio de 2022 Descripción y tareas: El Académico ResidenteRead More →

I have been with the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) and loving it and the community since 2008. I have seen dLOC grow from being called the “CARIFESTA collection” because it included only about 100 newspaper articles, wonderfully catalogued by CARICOM with each article on CARIFESTA. I have seen dLOC grow from project with unstable funding and an uncertain future, to where it is now as a secure, ongoing program. When I talk about dLOC, I so often start at the beginning and go all the way through. We have a good deal of resources on specific dLOC projects, dLOC’s evolution, and dLOC atRead More →

Please join us for presentations by book artists Denise Bookwalter and Paul Shortt, the Coffey Residents for Book Arts for 2021. The Coffey Residency for Book Arts is an annual program that provides an opportunity for a selected artist to access materials from the Special and Area Studies Collections (SASC) at University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries as the impetus for the creation of an editioned artists’ book. During the residency, the artist has the chance to interact with the collections, librarians, curators, faculty, and students across the university. Production of the project involves periodic consultation with the facilitator of the program, Ellen Knudson,Read More →

En plus de la mise à jour régulière des nouveaux articles ci-dessous, de nombreux journaux des Caraïbes françaises viennent de se charger et se chargent dans dLOC. Veuillez les voir! Avenir, Guadeloupe: Journal Commercial De La Pointe-a-pitre, Guadeloupe: Democratie, Guadeloupe: Nouvelliste: Quotidien De La Guadeloupe: Progres de la Guadeloupe: Antilles: Journal Industriel, Commercial Et Agricole De La Martinique: Colonies: Organe Républicain De La Martinique: Paix, Martinique: Echo de la Guadeloupe: Diario de Panama: Eco de la Opinion: Gazette des Petites Antilles: Bientôt disponible / Coming soon /Próximamente Union, Haiti: ============= New ItemsRead More →

Voting is now open for the annual Digital Humanities (DH) Awards. This is a lovely opportunity to see so much great work done by so many folks! Also, the Digital Library of the Caribbean has an entry in the category “BEST DH DATASET (E.G. A CORPUS OF TEXTS, TABLE OF DATA, OR SIMILAR USED FOR DH RESEARCH)” for dLOC as Data: A Thematic Approach to Caribbean Newspapers Please learn about it and others, and vote! Info and voting link again:  Read More →

I often enough get asked on standard rates for consulting, as well as for stipends, honoraria, and speaker fees. Documenting here for my ease of reference and in case useful for others, and looking forward to updating as I learn more. Stipends vary a lot based on the type of work and time duration. Honoraria are so often a thanks (often $250-1,000 for a presentation, grant review panel, or several days of work) that are viewed as in addition to a salary. From what I’ve seen for consulting rates, these are normally first-and-only-job rates, and are often $100-125/hour for experts. Guidance like this example fromRead More →

For the UF Digital Collections, in addition to under-the-hood work, there are some new updates that you can see: Advanced Search update: The Advanced search page is updated for clarity on what is being searched and search options. This will soon also be in place for the Florida Digital Newspaper Library and Digital Library of the Caribbean. Alert on the UFDC pages for the Florida Newspaper collection: Users had experienced confusion using UFDC with the newspaper collection, instead of the new Florida Digital Newspaper site, which has additional features (like the titles list with the ability to browse by county). Now, the Florida newspaperRead More →