SobekCM supports Flipbooks, active for Baldwin Collection in the UF Digital Collections

We’ve frequently heard requests from internal users and patrons for a flipbook style view. In researching options, the Gnubook’s javascript-based page turner looked best and the Library of Congress came out with a clean implementation in October that was easy to emulate. Mark Sullivan, programmer for SobekCM, reviewed it and added the view in under a day. The new view is enabled within SobekCM so all collections, including the UF Digital Collections and the Digital Library of the Caribbean, have it enabled.
The flipbook view is active for the entire Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature Digital Collection and this is an example:
The view is accessible from the “page turner” tab on all Baldwin items. This page shows the tab:
This is the direct link format for the page turner: Notice the wonderfully simplified URL structure remains even with the newly added feature.
The flipbook view will expand to other collections later, but it was most requested for and the best fit for the Baldwin books (because of the haptic nature of children’s books, beautiful images, and lack of small print overall). This sort of view is also very important to ensure that SobekCM easily supports the next generation of touch interfaces.

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