Happy first day of spring!

I am joyous on this first day of spring! Pete and I are getting settled in Connecticut, I’m getting settled and learning tons about UConn, and it’s simply wonderful. I have so much to learn, and I am grateful for so many folks for sharing and teaching, about UConn as well as the local area, Connecticut, and New England. I am thankful for the warm welcomes and invitations to belonging.

I don’t have much yet that is coherent to share on UConn (aside from that it is amazing!) with this being the intensive learning time to gain situation, context, and rhythm. I am still learning for sharing on Connecticut, too, but have a few little things to share. I worried about missing the robins that migrate through Gainesville, and have now learned that Connecticut robins stay year round, so we see them often. Pete and I went to the Hebron Maple Festival this past weekend, and it was awesome. I understand why many movies are set in Connecticut–it’s a sure way conjure the spirit of a sincere, fun town with an amazing and energetic personality. We’ve been visiting towns as able, and are looking forward to visiting Mystic soon, and going to “u-pick” or “pick your own” for various flowers and fruits soon, as the seasons take us. I am grateful for this time to think, learn, and grow, and for being at UConn, here in awesome Connecticut and in New England.