Humanities Grant Proposal Review Opportunity, Fall 2011 UF Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere Grant Proposal Review Opportunity Faculty members in the humanities are invited to submit complete draft proposals (minus reference letters) by December 16th for single-blind review by three UF referees with experience serving on grant review panels at the national level. Feedback will be returned by February 5th, to enable revision and submission of proposals for spring 2012 deadlines. This opportunity is limited to 15 faculty members; in the case of over-subscription, preference will be given to those who did not participate in the Spring/Summer 2011 opportunity. To participate, please RSVPRead More →

The University of Virginia Libraries has announced the launch of “Spatial Humanities,” a community-driven resource for place-based digital scholarship: The site was developed in response to needs identified by faculty and the site includes: an evolving, crowdsourced catalog of research resources, projects, and organizations a set of framing essays on the spatial turn across the disciplines by Dr. Jo Guldi of the Harvard Society of Fellows GIS-related feeds from Q&A sites and other forms of social media a peer-reviewed, occasional publication for step-by-step tutorials in spatial tools and methods UVa is inviting everyone to participate: use Zotero to freely upload research citations, projects, andRead More →

The Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) is doing training on the dLOC Toolkit in Jamaica. Brooke Wooldridge (dLOC/FIU), Mark Sullivan (UF), and Lee Dotson (UCF) are all enjoying spending time in Jamaica and soon the world will benefit from even greater access to more materials. See materials from all of the partners on dLOC now and check back frequently to see the many new items loading daily!Read More →

Learn what the University of Florida Digital Collections (UFDC) has to offer, and how to fully explore the broad range of resources available. We’ll cover the basics of UFDC: searching, advanced searching (including by collection and subcollection), viewing results, and saving images. We will also cover tips and tricks: collections that may be of particular interest or for use in teaching browsing options using the email contact forms for help and using the citation on items to find the permanent URL The majority of the time will be spent learning about the wonderful resources available in UFDC and we’ll spend time on three of theRead More →

The UF Digital Collections (UFDC) have grown so dramatically that we critically need more resources to both promote and explain the many materials and their use. As of November 1, UFDC includes over 2.79 million pages. This means we’ve added 1.79 million pages in 13 months. Our existing training materials, tutorials, and help pages haven’t been able to keep up with the variety and quantity of materials, nor with documenting and explaining the other technical improvements we’ve implemented. We’re working on making online tutorials that will explain the basics of using UFDC and that will highlight a few of the largest collections. While we’re activelyRead More →