Spatial Humanities

The University of Virginia Libraries has announced the launch of “Spatial Humanities,” a community-driven resource for place-based digital scholarship:
The site was developed in response to needs identified by faculty and the site includes:

  • an evolving, crowdsourced catalog of research resources, projects, and organizations
  • a set of framing essays on the spatial turn across the disciplines by Dr. Jo Guldi of the Harvard Society of Fellows
  • GIS-related feeds from Q&A sites and other forms of social media
  • a peer-reviewed, occasional publication for step-by-step tutorials in spatial tools and methods

UVa is inviting everyone to participate:

  • use Zotero to freely upload research citations, projects, and links to groups
  • contribute your own tutorials and helpsheets in “Step By Step” format for peer review and formal publication
  • adopt the #geoinst hashtag on Twitter and Delicious
  • ask related questions and offer help on DH Answers or the GIS Stack Exchange
  • post commentary on the essays

This looks like another great resource for all scholars.