Rebecca Jefferson, Curator of the Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica at the University of Florida, recently started a blog to promote discussion of and hopefully locate more information on Count Riamo d’Hulst. Rebecca is researching the Count’s life  in order to write a book about him and his role in the Cairo Genizah. She shares a fascinating story of how her research began with a single mention of Count Riamo d’Hulst in a newspaper article. She’s published on her findings thus far, but the research hasn’t been easy. In order to help locate additional materials, she’s now blogging and has created a Wikipedia entry for the Count.Read More →

The UF Digital Collections include many, many rich collections, including the University Archives Photograph Collection. One of the more exciting recent uses of the collection has been in rephotography like that done by Pam Marlin: While evocative and powerful, rephotography isn’t always easy or fast in  terms of time for setup to get the correct angle for a new photo. has an app that makes this process simpler. There are probably many apps and tools for rephotography, but I’m most familiar with Historypin because images from the University Archives Photograph Collection in the UF Digital Collections have been loaded there. This page shows many ofRead More →

The National Archives of Australia developed and maintain Vroom – Virtual Reading Room ( Vrroom is like many systems in that it provides access to archival collection records and digitized materials. To those, Vrroom has added educational and contextual materials for a number of the items. Also, items are presented together in groups with more educational context for the group of items; thus, people can learn more about specific things/people/etc as well as the larger context for those items in relation to other items all in context together. From this description, Vrroom may seem like many educational websites. It is, but it is also an excellent example ofRead More →

This week the UF Libraries celebrate the first finding guide for an archival collection in both Spanish and English. The finding guide is: Guide to the Rafael Martínez Pupo Papers Relating to Comandos Mambises Guía de los Documentos de Rafael Martínez Pupo en relación a los Comandos Mambises The finding guide and collection were prepared by Margarita Vargas-Betancourt, the new Caribbean Basin Archivist in the UF Latin American Collection.Read More →

The news item below is from the newslib list-serve. I’m posting it because it connects to the work being done at the Price Library of Judaica at the University of Florida to build a Newspaper Digital Collection from the Price Library of Judaica. One of the projects is to build the Price Library of Judaica Anniversary Collection, which represents the first stage of a project to digitize a unique and important collection of over 200 anniversary editions of Jewish newspapers held in the Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica. These jubilee issues have never been catalogued by the Library and until now have remainedRead More →

?The first version of the Archives Portal Europe is now online: Archives Portal Europe allows users to search across the: the holdings of 47 institutions 7.794.952 descriptive units 725.406 digital archival objects The site is still in beta, but it already looks great and more great things are sure to come based on the site’s excellent documentation.Read More →

Awesome news from CDL, so reposting below. The original is here. Prototype interface released for searching archival authority records CDL’s Digital Special Collections program is pleased to announce the public release of a draft prototype historical access system for the Social Networks and Archival Context Project (SNAC). SNAC is a two-year research project, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, that is creating a set of authority records by extracting information from archival finding aids and enhancing it with other sources.  The project uses the new standard Encoded Archival Context—Corporate bodies, Persons, and Families (EAC-CPF).  Data for the research is being provided by theRead More →

SobekCM – the system powering the UF Digital Collections, the Digital Library of the Caribbean, and many other rich collections – will soon have advanced support for finding guides in EAD. This has been in process as a complete solution for the full workflow and it’s nearing completion. Check out the EADs we’re testing with here. The benefits from fully supporting EAD within the same digital library system supporting digital objects is enormous: Finding guides can be displayed, searched, and used within the same system as the digital objects they reference (increases usability from consistent navigation, ease of searching a single system, additional benefits fromRead More →

I was reading the latest issue of UF Today, and it had the wonderful photograph above of one man shaving another with an axe. The story next to it explains that the photo is from a Department of Forestry Field Day from 1937. It’s such a great photo, I wanted to be sure to ask Carl Van Ness (the Head of Manuscripts in Special Collections and the University Archivist) when I noticed the caption that states the photo is in the UF Digital Collections. Finding the photo was already findable was a nice surprise, and a nice reminder of the importance of the work beingRead More →