[The job posting below is from FCLA. FCLA is the Florida Center for Library Automation and they’re also in Gainesville, like the University of Florida. However, FCLA is a central office that reports to all of the State University Libraries. The UF Digital Library Center (which is where I am and what I write about on this blog) is part of the University of Florida Libraries in Gainesville. The State University Libraries in Florida all work together on various projects and with FCLA, so joining any of the libraries means working with the others and getting to know great people and projects throughout the State.Read More →

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) issued a call for President Obama’s administration to support large-scale digitization initiatives. The brief call from the ARL Newsletter is online as is the full letter. As an addendum to to ARL’s call for “a large-scale initiative to digitize public domain collections,” let’s also make sure these initiatives include all holdings that are in the public domain in however many selected US institutions, including the millions upon millions of pages published in other countries and collected by the US. The US has so many collections that would benefit the US and so many collections that, if shared openly, wouldRead More →

The US National Archives are celebrating their 75th anniversary this year! Since 1934, the National Archives has maintained centralized federal record keeping and the National Archives, now known as the National Archives and Records Administration, administers 37 facilities covering regional archives, Presidential libraries, the National Historical and Publications Commission, and muc more! National Archives History National Archives Celebrating 75 YearsRead More →

On the Open Library General Discussion List, Edward Betts recently posted that, while tidying author records in Open Library, he found 248 authors-as-spirits. Not unknown ghosts or muses, but the spirit of a particular person listed as a spirit. He included the examples below in the post and the full list on his website. $a Abraham $c (Spirit) $a Churchill, Winston $c Sir $d 1874-1965 $c (Spirit) $a Doyle, Arthur Conan $c Sir $d 1859-1930 $c (Spirit) $a Jesus Christ $c (Spirit) $a Shakespeare, William $d 1564-1616 $c (Spirit) For all those fascinated by dead (and undead) media, this is wonderfully rich. Not only doRead More →

After finding so many great New Year’s images, I quickly scanned the University of Florida Digital Collections for images of Christmas and found these. Santa’s mighty large book of naughty and nice is from a book in the Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature, one of the Special Collections in the University of Florida Libraries, and the black and white photograph is from the University Archives, another Special Collection in the University of Florida Libraries.Read More →

The National Archives have announced the most recent National Historical Publications and Records Commission’s grants, and the University of Florida Libraries is one of the award winners for a project to digitize historical Everglades records. The project, entitled “America’s Swamp: The Historical Everglades” will digitize material from six collections relating to the exploration, development and conservation of the Everglades from 1878-1929. “America’s Swamp” will feed into the Everglades Digital Library (EDL), from the Florida International University Libraries and many other partners. We’ll keep you posted as the collection starts to go online, and there will be a great deal to share since this project willRead More →

I’ve been so busy the past year (or 14 months to be completely accurate) since joining UF’s Digital Library Center that it’s hard to see what all we’ve accomplished. The time has flown by with loads of wonderful work, and wonderful progress. I decided to review some of our documentation and to note a few of the highlights: More stuff! We hit the 1 million page mark in September 2007, and as of today we’re at 2.12 million with so many more to load! More types of stuff! Improvements to UFDC that include support for audio and video files, better multi-language support! Better ways toRead More →