UF: Enhanced Storage Options for Research (UF Research Computing is Awesome!)

HiPerGator, UF Research ComputingThe news below is from the UF Faculty Newsletter, and good news is always fun to share, especially good news from great colleagues and collaborators like UF Research Computing!

Enhanced Storage Options for Research

Improvements are underway to enhance the performance and stability of data storage services used for research computing.
HiPerGator currently has 2 PB of fast storage for scratch and short-term data. A new 1 PB storage has been acquired to replace older systems. The new system will provide much higher performance and also fully integrate into the scratch file system, simplifying data management for users and project-data managers.  Two ownCloud servers have been installed in the UF Data Center. One authenticates against the UF active directory and the other against Research Computing accounts. These servers allow dropbox-like functionality to upload and download files including sync-clients for Windows, Linux, MacOS, IOS, and Android.
Training sessions will be announced soon. In the meantime, please contact the Research Computing staff with any questions about using high performance computing resources.
Submitted by Erik Deumens, UF Information Technology


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