UF Hawk in the Morning

UF Hawk on Campus in the Morning on 7/29/2014
As one of the largest and most complex universities in the world, and as a public, land-grant, UF innovates with world-changing research, educates thousands of undergraduate and graduate students and facilitates collaboration across new through senior scholars, provides an economic engine for the State of Florida and beyond, supports broader impacts and the public good. And, UF has some interesting and perhaps unexpected aspects. This includes a hawk standing near a walkway on campus.
At UF,  hawks have great food options with all of the squirrels on campus and people know to respect the hawks and give them their space, so we have some very relaxed hawks like this one.  The hawk is next to the Keene-Flint and the small parking lot, which is the site where the new chemistry building will be. I’m not sure if the hawk had a squirrel already, and I didn’t get close enough to find out. It was lovely to be greeted with an alert look from a hawk on my morning walk in to work.

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