UF Center for Latin American Studies, 2014 Annual Conference, March 19-21, focus on Panamá

The conference announcement below is from the newsletter for the UF Center for Latin American Studies. The conference website is evolving with more soon to be posted.
With the focus on Panamá, this conference connects, intersects, and intertwines with a great deal of work by the  UF Libraries and many partners in the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), including the Panama and the Canal Digital Collection in dLOC. I’ve already spoken to several folks who will be coming to UF for the conference. I’m excited to see them and to know that I’ll also be seeing so many other folks who will be coming!  This is going to be a great event for community discussion and collaboration!

The 2014 Annual Conference of the UF Center for Latin American Studies
March 19-21, 2014
UF campus in Gainesville, Florida
The focus of the conference will be Panamá, viewed from multiple perspectives – science, business, history, and the social sciences.  In 2014, Panamá is marking the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Panamá Canal, so this seems an apt time to explore Panamá’s unique position at the crossroads of the Americas.
Plans are still evolving, but confirmed featured presenters include the following:

  • Michael Conniff, SJSU and UF Bacardi Scholar for 2014
  • Ambler Moss, University of Miami, former US ambassador to Panamá
  • Rubén Berrocal, Secretary General of SENACYT
  • Jorge Quijano, CEO of the Panama Canal Authority
  • Angeles Ramos Baquero, Director, Museo del Canal Interoceánico (Panamá City)
  • Julie Greene, University of Maryland
  • Stanley Heckadón, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

More information about the conference will be available at the following link, which soon will include the tentative program and a place to register in advance: http://www.latam.ufl.edu/news-events/annual-conference

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