New Resource: WebWise Now

WebWise Now is a new resource aggregator for GLAMs (galleries, libraries, archives, and museums), and the subtitle explains the purpose wonderfully “… aggregating and selecting content of interest to the digital GLAM community”.  This is a great resource for folks involved and interested in GLAM worlds.
The WebWiseNow about page provides more background if any is wanted on the usefulness and value of this resource.  From the WebWise Now about page:

WebWise Now is an experimental, edited publication that aggregates, highlights, and distributes informally published resources from the open web that have been written by and for gallery, library, archive, and museum (GLAM) professionals about digitally-inflected projects.

WebWise Now highlights resources, articles, and news—in whatever form—that drives the digital library, museum, and archive field forward as Features.
Additional items of interest to the field—jobs, calls for papers, conference and funding announcements, reports, and recently-released resources—are redistributed as News.