Create Caribbean Inc., Research Institute at Dominica State College

Congratulations to Create Caribbean Inc., Research Institute at Dominica State College for their work on so many areas, and including observing History Week 2015!  The press release for their work on History Week 2015 is below, and their website has loads of news on activities, including postings by interns, information on projects, and how to get involved.  I’m late in sharing this news, with the official new project launch by Create Caribbean Inc. already having passed, but it’s one of many ongoing projects and programs, and so great to announce and share to help promote the work being done by Create Caribbean Inc.
With so many activities underway across the Caribbean for digital libraries and digital cultural heritage and research collections, digital scholarship, digital humanities, MakerSpaces, and more, it’s always great to share widely on all happenings to help connect folks who are already and who are  interested in these areas. Congratulations to Create Caribbean Inc., and I’m excited to follow them on Twitter to learn more about their new and upcoming activities!

Create Caribbean Inc.
Research Institute at Dominica State College
Stock Farm Campus
P.O. Box 2066, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica
Phone: (767) 225-4861
The Division of Culture and Create Caribbean Inc. Partner to Observe History Week 2015
Roseau, Dominica. October 6, 2015 – The Division of Culture in the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Culture and Constituency Empowerment has partnered with Create Caribbean Inc., Research Institute at the Dominica State College for this year’s observation of History Week. For 2015, the theme for History Week, which runs from Monday, October 12 to Friday, October 19 is “The Road to Independence; 1950 -1978.”
The signature project for this year’s History week is the official launch of a multimedia web-based research resource on Dominica’s History scheduled to take place on Tuesday, October 13 at the Dominica State College auditorium from 11:30 a.m.
The multimedia web-based research resource project is conceived as an effort to steer dialogue about Dominica’s journey from colonial rule to sovereignty, with a view to understanding the lessons we can learn about 21st century national development. It will appeal to a wide range of people interested in Dominica’s rich history.  This multimedia project includes images, text-documents, newspaper clippings, court, legal and parliamentary documents, audio-visual recordings among others and will highlight the key historical events, with detailed primary and secondary source analysis, along with present day reflections on the lessons of that era.
The general topics addressed within the project include colonialism, anti-colonial internal struggles in Dominica, adult suffrage, the impacts of colonialism on social institutions including education, religion, health and social services; infrastructural development; E.O Leblanc and the use of education of the working class to create middle class autonomy, the Salisbury declaration, Grand Bay as a locus of independence activism, West Indies federation rise and fall and collective resistance among labour and trade unions political party formations and radical grassroots organizations.
“The Road to Independence” project provides research, teaching and learning resources teachers and students at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. It also includes surveys and overviews for introduction in public education/awareness programs and for general interest audiences in Dominica, the Diaspora and the wider world, significant analysis and visualisations for scholars and researchers in Caribbean studies to better understand and contextualize this particular era in Dominica history.
“The Road to Independence” is as an ongoing repository for archival, scholarly or publicly-sourced information on the “Road to Independence” and will be the source document for History Week lectures and presentations and serve as a reference document by Division of Culture officials, educators, researchers, policymakers, and other stakeholders for further engagement on the topics analysed within.
Students from 4th and 5th forms at select secondary schools as well as Dominica State College students are being invited to the official launch of the project. In addition, officials from the Division of Culture and the Research Institute will visit various primary schools to present the project to students and teachers.
The project will continue from History Week through Independence season to the months ahead and will include “History Harvest” town hall meetings in a number of communities, such as Grand Bay, Mahaut , Atkinson and Portsmouth.
Primary and secondary schools are also invited to organize various activities based on the theme.
The Division of Culture and Create Caribbean Research Institute at the Dominica State College are committed to the intellectual and cultural engagements that will be generated by the research, analysis and visualization of Dominica’s road to political independence, and to the various discussions that will be generated as a result.