News: centerNet: DHCommons Journal & Project Directory

The launch of centerNet’s DHCommons journal is critically important because these allow for project statements and peer review for mid-stage digital humanities projects, offering a venue for evaluating, validating, and verifying rigor and impact, thus supporting the needs for assessment and improvement as well as promotion and tenure.  The news release below is from the centernet email list.

centerNet’s DHCommons journal is excited announce its inaugural issue (, which launches alongside a major redesign of the DHCommons Project Directory (! The first issue includes project statements and peer reviews for the mid-stage digital humanities projects from around the world, listed below; two “How Did They Make That?” features edited by Thomas Padilla; and an editorial introduction outlining both the joys and challenges of launching a journal devoted to interdisciplinary project reviews in multiple languages.

We are also excited to announce that Padmini Ray Murray will join DHCommons as Managing Editor beginning immediately; details about her role can be found in our editorial introduction to the issue.

We are deeply grateful to all those who have made the journal possible, especially our editorial team ( for their hard work with project directors and reviewers; centerNet’s Neil Fraistat, Kay Walter, and Jean Bauer for their sage counsel; and most of all our editorial assistants at Northeastern University, Jackie Gronau and Vicky Papa. We would also like to thank the Agile Humanities team for their splendid design work.

We are delighted to share this first issue with you and would encourage those with mid-stage projects to submit project statements to us for review ( or to contact the editorial team at for more information.