MassMine Open Source Software, updated version released!

Thanks to Nicholas Van Horn for his fabulous work on the new version of the MassMine Open Source Software, and for sharing the news with everyone!

I’m happy to report that I have just made an Mac OS X version of MassMine available at
This has been tested to work on OS X version 10.10.x and 10.9.x, and should work on any relatively recent version. The installation method and usage is exactly the same as for linux, as described on the website. This means that any command you have created for Research Computing (or, equivalently, any configuration file) should work on a Mac.
I have also created an OS X package for the jsan (Json Swiss Army kNife) tool so that users can explore/convert their data on their personal Macs as well. Information on the jsan tool is available at

Way to go Nicholas! This is exciting news for the MassMine Open Source Software project team, and for the wider community of users as we continue with training and resource development, and project development and project activity with many research projects underway using MassMine!


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