Call for Editors for the DataQ Project

The call below is from the ACRL Digital Curation List.

The University of Colorado Boulder Libraries, the Greater Western Library Alliance, and the Great Plains Network are excited to announce that we have received funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to develop an online resource called DataQ, which will function as a collaborative knowledge-base of research data questions and answers curated for and by the library community. Library staff from any institution may submit questions on research data topics to the DataQ website, where questions will then be both crowd-sourced and reviewed by an Editorial Team of experts. Answers to these questions, from both the community and the Editorial Team, will be posted to the DataQ website and will include links to resources and tools, best practices, and practical approaches to working with researchers to address specific research data issues.
We are currently seeking applications for our Editorial Team. If you are interested in becoming a DataQ Editor, please fill out the application form here by January 30, 2015:
DataQ Editors will be responsible for helping to identify initial content, providing expert feedback on questions from DataQ users, and developing policies and procedures for answering questions. The Editorial Team will participate in regular virtual meetings and attend one in-person meeting in Kansas City, MO in late May. Each Editor will receive a $1000 stipend to help cover travel costs and time contributed to the project.
The initial term for each Editor will last until October 31, 2015 when the grant period ends, but there may be opportunities to continue serving beyond the life of the grant based on the outcome of the project.
Additional opportunities to contribute to DataQ will be announced soon. For all of the latest information about DataQ, please follow @ResearchDataQ on Twitter. Please send any questions about DataQ to the project Co-PIs Andrew Johnson at and Megan Bresnahan

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