UF Digital Humanities Library Group, TEI Training by Syd Bauman

The UF Digital Humanities Library Group, TEI Training by Syd Bauman is underway today, November 3, 2014. The training is in-person in Library West, with the training video broadcast online in Adobe Connect (http://ufsmathers.adobeconnect.com/tei) and the recording will be available after the training ends. The schedule for today’s full day of TEI training is online and copied below.


Syd Bauman, Northeastern University


Mon, 03 Nov
Session 0 09:00–09:30 Introductions and logistics
Session 1 09:30–10:45 Introduction to descriptive markup and the TEI (slides:HTML, Slidy)
Session 2 11:00–12:00 A rapid introduction to XML (slides: HTML, Slidy)
lunch 12:00–12:45 Harvest Thyme box lunches will be delivered
Session 3 12:45–13:30 Basics of TEI markup (slides: HTML, Slidy)
Session 4 13:30–14:00 Group exercise: Hanks letter (normal, high-contrast)
Session 5 14:00–15:30 oXygen and hands-on: Grimm
Session 6 15:30–16:30 Seeing your TEI: TEI Boilerplate, oXygen Author mode, oXygen transformations, and TAPAS
Session 7 16:30–17:00 Review, questions & answers; wrap-up (slides that we will probably mostly skip: HTML, Slidy)


Selected TEI files from Grimm’s Fairy Tales Collection:

Instructions for downloading materials are at the bottom of the handouts page. It (the handouts page) also has links to the

  • Quick TEI element list: PDF and HTML
  • Introductory oXygen Exercise: HTML
  • oXygen Crib Sheet: source, HTML

The WWP Guide to Scholarly Text Encoding
The TEI Guidelines
The Libraries special interest group‘s Best Practices for TEI in Libraries.
WWP resource page with links to all our slide sets and useful TEI links.

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