Nice presentation on DH and Libraries: Data Connections, Value of Being Uncomfortable

Thanks to dh+lib for sharing “Digital Humanities Librarianship: Year One” which has many great points within a very useful overview. Particular points of note include:

  • A quick note on the value of being uncomfortable.
  • DH construed in this way, in this professional context, is a team based effort.
  • Alignment (importance of alignment, multiple directions/levels)

These are just a few selections from many great quotes in the presentation.  The details on MSU’s structure are also of great interest, especially with such a large team:

At MSU Libraries we have a Digital Humanities team, situated within the Digital Text Services unit.

Aside from broad responsibility for Digital Humanities, we collectively have liaison duties for Linguistics, Philosophy, American History, English Literature, American Literature, and Performing Arts

Outside of our unit, I have a quarter time appointment to our Data Curation unit, and my colleagues have appointments to our Digital Information Division, and Reference and Instruction.

The connection with the DH and Data Curation team makes perfect sense,a s does the connection to and roles with liaison duties.  With a big team, I look forward to reading more about the projects and activities at MSU as they related to considering how formalized roles would work for a DH team at UF (with current work more on the lines of the Developing Librarian model, with DH for/as all, but more than one model can always be used, and MSU sounds like there may be many spheres/models), as well as for how the team dynamics relate out with alignment for different configurations.

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