UF News: Creative B Summer Film Series at the Florida Museum of Natural History

UF does a “Creative B” summer program:

Established in 2010, Creative B is a summer program for students at the University of Florida that consolidates the collective resources and talents of the many creative programs at UF. Creative B participants can enjoy special programming, including a variety of live, cultural performances and a wide range of interdisciplinary activities. (UF Creative B website)

Creative B also includes a film series. This year, Creative B’s film series is connected to the “Wolf to Woof” exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History (http://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/exhibits/limited-time-only/wolf-woof/), and so the  theme of the series this summer is human-canine transformations.
These films will be screened over the next four Fridays, beginning at 7 PM:

As in previous summers, before each screening there will be a short roundtable discussion by UF faculty and guest speakers, who will address the film’s production, artistic and historical significance, special effects, and more. UF’s Terry Harpold and others will be some of the speakers, and thanks to Terry for sharing this!  This is going to be a great event series. I hope to make many of these, and to see many folks at the screenings!

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