Important post by Philip J. Guo on Early-Stage Grad Student Depression

For anyone considering graduate school, in graduate school, or connected to anyone in graduate school (including faculty, librarians, administrators, friends, family, etc.), Philip J. Guo’s post “Early-Stage Grad Student Depression” is important to read.  Guo focuses on graduate students; I’ve seen the risk continue on for faculty, so this is a very important read for what all Guo includes and for the larger framing that Guo informs.
Guo explains the necessity of a support network and social supports in order to do research.  Part of the support networks include having people who can be and are part of our support network and community talking about the difficulty and pain that accompanies academic work. This is needed so that we can all recognize the issues and impacts, and so that we can better work as a community in supporting each other together.
I look forward to sharing Guo’s post “Early-Stage Grad Student Depression” with students, faculty, administrators, and others so that it can help to open a conversation on how we can be better support networks. I’m very thankful to Guo for writing this because it will help others who are going through difficult parts, and help our communities in being support networks.


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