Nice Training Assessment Example

The Columbia University Libraries Humanities & History team blog for the Developing Librarian Project includes a recent post by Barbara Rockenbach on assessment where Rockenbach explains:

Following each of our training sessions we have individually submitted a list of four things we learned during the session. The reason we do this is because each training session has a list of learning objectives that we hope will be achieved. By compiling a list things we learned and mapping that list to the learning objectives, we are able to gauge the effectiveness of the training session. This immediate feedback after each unit also helps with the design of future units. (blog)

This is a great example of a lightweight assessment method and process for all involved with the training directly. This is also a great example of building and supporting the community through the local process, where sharing the list of four things learned on the blog helps make the individual training assessment useful and actionable for others outside of the primary group.
The Developing Librarian Project is doing many exciting things, and is highly recommended reading, and this is just one of the many posts on their activities.