Job: Digital Archivist at the University of Colorado Boulder Libraries

The job posting below is from several email lists (DLF-announce, and many others). I wanted to especially note that Lori Emerson has posted about it on her blog. Lori Emerson’s media archaeology work and the Media Archaeology Lab that she runs at UC-Boulder are fabulous, and interview with her published on the Library of Congress’ blog on digital preservation provides more information. Her work is interesting and exciting. This makes it all the more exciting that UC-Boulder is posting the Digital Archivist position, which has amazing possibilities for further integrating the library with teaching and research.
Also, the position requirements include “Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science from an ALA-accredited institution or equivalent advanced degree.” This is normal wording to mean that the position is open for any advanced degree that makes sense for the job (and that’s a lot with innovative areas like digital archiving).  This is also the same wording UF used in the job ad that I applied for to become a librarian at UF, and I do not have an MLS. Matt Mariner, Head of Special Collections and Digital Initiatives at the Auraria Library in Denver, is another librarian with an advanced degree that is not an MLS in Colorado, is a fabulous colleague who the new Digital Archivist at UC-Boulder would likely have the opportunity  to collaborate with for shared, state initiatives. Matt is just one of many wonderful colleagues doing great work like Lori Emerson, and just another example of how the person hired for the Digital Archivist position would be part of a great community at the local institution level, state level, national, and so on. I am part of this community and so my perspective is biased/informed.


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