DHCommons, Call for Nominations for Advisory Board for Peer Reviewers for Digital Projects

The call below is from the centerNet email list. This is extremely important work for the Digital Humanities (DH) and for how it can inform the process for other fields. At UF, we’re exploring support with what we’re currently calling the facilitated peer review process. The work of DHCommons in peer reviewing digital projects will be of great interest and use.

The centerNet Executive Committee seeks nominations for Advisory Board members for its new publication, DHCommons, which will provide peer review for mid-stage digital projects. DHCommons aims to provide a truly global picture of the DH community. To that end, its leadership will be comprised of members from each of centerNet’s regions.
The Advisory Board will join Co-Lead-Editor Ryan Cordell, a Co-Lead-Editor from outside North America to be named soon, and Technical Editor Quinn Dombrowski. The Board will be drawn from centerNet’s regions and help ensure the global vision of the DHCommonsjournal. To nominate someone to the Advisory Board, please send an email to info@dhcommons.org with the nominee’s name and affiliation, as well as a brief nominating statement describing the scholar’s qualifications for the position. Self nominations are permitted.
DHCommons is intended to address the “evaluation gap” between the Digital Humanities and more traditional disciplinary scholarship. Digital projects can often stretch over many years as a continuum of work—not necessarily building to a finished project in the same way monographs do, though there are significant milestones in a project’s life. DH practitioners need concrete ways to certify the value of long-standing, influential, but unfinished projects to colleagues unfamiliar with the contours of DH work. DHCommons aims to meet these challenges, pioneering a model of peer review focused on mid-stage digital projects from around the world. With Co-Editors-in-Chief and an international advisory drawn from each of centerNet’s worldwide regions, By reviewing well-developed but unfinished projects, DHCommons aims to foster a developmental model that will help DH scholars hone their work while certifying the value of their projects to both the DH field and to their home disciplines.


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