SobekCM: Digital Library Software for Library & Scholar Collaboration

The SobekCM digital library software powers the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), UF Digital Collections, Institutional Repository @UF, the Florida Digital Newspaper Library, record only collections like NewspaperCat, and so many shared and partner collections. SobekCM also has rich features supporting libraries, archives, museums, distributed collaborative projects, user needs (with favorites and notes), and scholar needs for digital curation with contextual materials and information as with online exhibits, scholar curated collections, and repository functions for digital materials. I’m a huge fan and champion of SobekCM because it does what I need in order to support libraries and scholars, and collaborations across the full community for access and long-term digital preservation that supports digital scholarship and the larger needs for public scholarship and the always-overall goals and needs for research, teaching, and service.
SobekCM is also available as Open Source Software, so it supports not just UF and UF-related needs, but the larger community. Our Head of Digital Development and Web Services, Mark Sullivan, shared some of the download statistics just for the past year yesterday and they’re so great that I’m sharing widely
The statistics below include downloads for SobekCM Web (the full system) and the other elements are related tools that support different workflows for SobekCM.

From website From GitHub
SMaRT 483
SobekCM Builder 631
METS Editor 1540 660
Stats Reader 68
SobekCM Web 367 283
Toolbox 179
MARC Library 350

I’m so happy to see how many people are looking for the sort of amazing solution offered by SobekCM, and finding it! I hope to hear updates from new users and inquiries from potential new users on the SobekCM discussion list.


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