CFP: Archive Journal, issue "Curating the Digital, Curating the Analog"

Call for Proposals for Archive Journal Special Issue
The editorial board of Archive Journal ( is pleased to announce an upcoming issue, “Curating the Digital, Curating the Analog,” which will explore how data curation shapes and informs library, archival, scholarly, and pedagogical practices.
Understood as the “active and ongoing management of data through its life cycle of interest and usefulness to scholarly and educational activities” (Data Curation Education Program,, data curation encompasses selection and appraisal, description and representation, preservation, and the work of making a resource usable and repurposable. How we store, represent, and provide access to data affects not only those in the world of libraries, archives, and museums, but also scholars, faculty, students, and artists across the disciplines. What role does data play in fields such as the digital humanities, or media studies? How does data curation involve or affect scholarly production, or approaches to pedagogy?
Guest editors Patricia Hswe and Erin O’Meara invite submissions on data curation that address new practitioner roles, new types of scholarship, new storage needs, and new stories that are fast emerging. Possible topics for contributions include – but are not limited to – the following:

  • Data and archives
  • Data curation practices and challenges
  • Curation of born-digital materials
  • Humanities data curation issues and practices (including management of data for humanities projects)
  • Data curation program development
  • Legacy data
  • Digital forensics
  • Curating a mixed media collection (e.g., print and digital)
  • Donors and digital donations
  • Ethnographic methods and data curation
  • Creator attitudes toward, or perceptions of, data curation
  • New roles for librarians, archivists, curators, and researchers
  • Description methods and data models (e.g., metadata, finding aids, ontologies, etc.)
  • Tools, applications, platforms

We invite proposals for contributions of 5000-7000 words; shorter essays (2000-4000 words) about new tools or services are also welcome. We encourage proposals that include multimedia components (video, image, or sounds in standard formats), as well as multi-modal or experimental formats; please email the editors with any questions about submissions in alternative formats. An open access, peer-reviewed journal, Archive Journal seeks content that speaks to its diverse audience of librarians, scholars, archivists, and technologists (
Authors interested in submitting to this special issue of Archive Journal should send a 250-word abstract about their contribution and a 1-page CV to Patricia Hswe (Digital Collections Curator, Penn State University Libraries) at and to Erin O’Meara (Archivist, Gates Archive) at by Monday, July 30.