Land Grant = Land Grand

The University of Florida has unveiled as the celebratory website  for the 150th Anniversary of the Morrill Act of that provided federal land to states to build public universities. The Morrill Act is foundational for public education and the public good. The celebratory website is “Land Grant” and also proclaims “Land Grand” in recognition of the importance and greatness of land-grant institutions.
I’m quite a bit late in writing about this, given that the announcement from UF came out on June 21. I’ve been swamped with travel and with working on my tenure and promotion packet. I’m currently working on the packet and taking a very short break to write this because working on the packet (not interesting or fulfilling work) has constant reminders of UF’s complexity and diversity as a public, land-grant institution and my entries into the packet reflect the opportunities and possibilities afforded by UF because of the strength born of that complexity and diversity.
Congratulations to all of the land-grants and the public as we all celebrate this important anniversary!