Open Journal System available for UF Journals

University of Florida journals can now easily take advantage of hosting using Open Journal Systems (OJS).  The Florida Center for Library Automation (FCLA) has a hosted instance of OJS. FCLA hosts and supports OJS for UF and all State Universities. Several journals are already using OJS and all can be seen from the main OJS page:
Open Journal Systems is open source journal management and publishing software developed, supported, and freely distributed by the Public Knowledge Project under the GNU General Public License. The system facilitates the entire peer review and publishing process, and the work flow support is shown here.
Many have already started using OJS because it’s simple to set up and run. However, sustainability and preservation can be a major concern if there isn’t sufficient support outside of the journals themselves. Many libraries offer journal hosting to ensure ongoing support and preservation of academic materials. UF journals can now take advantage of just that support through the libraries. As an added benefit, FCLA has designed an automated archiving process to ensure that all of the OJS journals they host are also archived to the Florida Digital Archive.
Faculty interested in using OJS can contact their subject specialists or the UF Digital Collections group for assistance. For more on OJS, there are many tutorials already available and many journals already using OJS. Reviewing the journals already powered by OJS is extremely useful in seeing the variety of design and layout options that can be done.


  1. This is great news. Kudos to FCLA!
    Is the service free-of-cost to the journal?
    Is the service only offered for open access journals, or are subscription journals also eligible?

  2. The first answer is yes, this is a standard library service option so there isn’t a cost to the journal.
    I wasn’t sure on the second question so I called FCLA and this can be supported for both. They can limit the journals by IP range and date (and maybe more – this is new).

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