New UFDC Features: Browse By, Admin Header, and Export to Excel

Browse By Metadata (i.e., list of all publishers in an item aggregation)

The UF Digital Collections (UFDC) have more new features. These are all in progress, as is the norm with the perpetual beta of growing and evolving systems, but the “Browse By” feature is already publicly viewable here for the Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature Digital Collection.
This is still in process as we test to see how to be display so much rich metadata with significant distinctions, as when an author is also an editor and printer – should it all be collapsed into one, if so then should all types be listed at the end, should they all remain, what about when there are multiple types and then another unclear not on the affiliation? We’ll be working through these questions and more, and we’ll be doing so with abundant feedback from users.

Further Simplification for Simplified URLs

UFDC’s already simplified URLs are even simpler, with the base now instead of The longer version is still fully supported.

Features for Internal Users

Internal Header
Internal Header

Internal Header
UFDC now has an internal header (internal meaning it’s only for internal folks who are logged in). It allows internal users to easily search by BibID. Right now, this can also be done using the main search box, but the internal header will eventually allow for specialized internal searches and for searching the records for items in process that are not yet online. This is part of the merging of offline workflows into the SobekCM system.
Export to XLS or CSV
Export to XLS or CSV

Export to Excel
This is also internal-only and it allows internal users to export a list of items directly from SobekCM/UFDC. This complements an update to the UFDC_CM (currently an offline-only tool) which can now pull MARC records for items online. Both of these changes are part of the work to add reporting to SobekCM and the work to integrate existing tools into one system (for greater efficiency for supporting and using the tools).
Like these, other seemingly internal-only enhancements also benefit external users by increasing SobekCM’s capabilities as a system and the Digital Library Center’s ability to work more effectively in digitizing materials and adding them to the UF Digital Collections.