Feminism In/Action: What is Your Feminism for and Why Does it Matter?

I saw this announcement and it sounds great. I hope to make it (if finishing an article doesn’t prevent me), but it’s especially wonderful because this will definitely be a smart, aware, contextualized discussion of feminism like the kind found in Bitch Magazine articles which interrogate popular culture in a way not done elsewhere, or done as well or at least not as humorously.
The University of Florida’s Center for Women’s Studies & Gender Research & The Friends of Wild Iris Books invite you to join a participatory discussion with Debbie Rasmussen, Publisher of Bitch: Feminist Responses to Popular Culture about how—and whether—feminism can become a transformative, justice-centered movement for social change.

  • How can we drive attention to the power, privilege, and marginalization that continue to play out in feminist communities, and how can those of us with power and privilege become genuine and effective allies to those without it?
  • How can we collectively create a feminist/ media/justice movement that doesn’t rely on white supremacy, class privilege, and economic exploitation?
  • Can the idea of “feminism” shift to foreground an uncompromising, transformative commitment to systemic social change, or is it time to evolve to new language?

When: Friday, 3 October, 7:00 pm
Where: The Atrium at Ustler Hall,  UF Campus (UF Campus Map)

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  1. The first thing that is ever stated about anyone is their gender.
    From being an ‘it,’ we become either a girl or a boy.
    “It’s a girl!” can no longer sentence a person to less freedom than a boy.
    At least not in America. Not if we know our history, and demand our rights.
    Thanks to the suffragettes, women have voices and choices! Just like men.
    Isn’t it wonderful! Can you imagine not being able to vote?
    But few people know ALL that the suffragettes had to go through to get the vote for women, and what life was REALLY like for women before they did.
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