Work with us, at least occasionally!

The Florida Center for Library Automation is looking for a bright, energetic, technophile to work in the Digital Library Services group. The University of Florida Libraries, which includes UF’s Digital Library Center (us), works with the Florida Center for Library Automation. FCLA coordinates library technology for all of the State Universy Libraries. For those not from Florida, our universities are all of the publics with the word “University” in them, but the universities aren’t tied as one institution (like the University of California at…) so FCLA works with all of us (FGCU, FIU, FSU, UNF, FAMU, USF, FAU, UCF, UWF, NCF, UF). While we (we as in UF) don’t get to see the folks at FCLA nearly enough, we do get to see and hear from them fairly often and they’re great.
FCLA is in Gainesville, but not next to the UF campus (where we, the DLC are), so there are no traffic and no parking woes for FCLA, and they can have events like “Take Your Dog to Work Day“. The official job description is online here and more official details are below. The parts of FCLA that I find most exciting are the Florida Digital Archive (cutting edge awesomeness!); collaborating across so many institutions and with so many great people; working with FCLA; being in Gainesville; and working with UF in particular, of course. FCLA is also a technical unit playing with an implementing technology and so they get to play with, test, and implement really wonderful tools while working with all sorts of great people across the state.
FCLA is a center of the State University System of Florida which provides automation services to the libraries of eleven public universities.  Working at FCLA combines the challenges of library and information science with large scale data processing in a fully networked, web-based environment. Application areas they work in involve:

  • training and user support of library staff
  • e-resource licensing
  • metadata
  • structured and full-text search and retrieval
  • XML technologies
  • web services
  • relational database management systems
  • next-generation integrated library systems
  • digital image, audio, and multimedia

FCLA is located in Gainesville Florida, consistently rated one of the best places to live in the United States, and administratively associated with the University of Florida.  We offer a casual work environment, ample free parking, flexible hours, and full State of Florida benefits.