Comics Creators Photographs

Carl Barks and Don AultI’ve started working on digitizing photographs of comics creators. Don Ault, a professor at UF and a major comics scholar, is also a friend and he’s loaned me some of his materials. What’s really interesting about these photos is that they aren’t available elsewhere. Don has devoted a great deal of his life to the study of comics and so he’s amassed tons of photographs that span academic interests, comics collector-fan interests, and his personal academic-family chronology. For instance, a number of the photographs have Don in them and/or members of his family and members of the comics creators families. These personal, non-commercial photos are interesting for what they show of the people in them as well as for what they show about the history of comics and academia. I hope to have more of these online soon, and there are many, many to load.

Carl Barks with a Duck PaintingRight now and for the next few days, the links to the larger versions of these images in UF’s Digital Collections won’t link properly. Until then, the images are in my Picasa.

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  1. WOW!! These are great!! ‘specially the Carl Barks! My brother and I loved Scrooge McDuck when we were kids.
    Cool Terry Zwigoff pics too- love his movies!
    Can’t wait to see more!! Yay!! 😀

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