I won’t be able to attend this, but it looks wonderful and I wish I could! The program for the Second Chicago Colloquium on Digital Humanities and Computer Science has now been set, and you can see it here. The Colloquium will take place on Sunday and Monday, October 21-22, 2007 at the Hotel Orrington in Evanston, Illinois. This event jointly sponsored by the Illinois Institute for Technology, Northwestern University, and the University of Chicago. Registration is free, and you are cordially invited to attend. Information about logistics is available on the web site. The theme of this year’s colloquium is “Exploring the scholarly queryRead More →

The Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature (which is within UF’s Special Collections Department) is preparing an Alice in Wonderland exhibit based on the many versions of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and their cultural influence and afterlife. I’m helping with the digitization of materials for the collection and they’ll be housed here. This collection and exhibit will be really exciting for the beautiful illustrations and the textual variety among the many versions (we have well over 150, but many are still in copyright).Read More →

LibraryThing just announced that they’ve teamed with publishers to provide advance copies of books in exchange for reviews. After so many publications cut back or cut book reviews, it’s nice to see that some publishers are making sure their books are reviewed and that those reviews are shared. This is also part of what we may see more of as companies and mental models move from print-oriented thinking to web-thinking.  Book reviews are great, but it makes more sense from a distributor point of view to include them online where they can be slurped into other systems, shared, and distributed. Since book reviews imply literacyRead More →

UF Libraries now has a Library 2.0 Working Group and we’re investigating what Web 2.0 apps/concepts best map to libraries. Our wiki will hold our notes and progress, so it may be helpful to others. Of course, our use of any technology is directly in relation to our current systems – how we work, what we have, what we most need – so it also may not be useful as other than a case study. At any rate, it’s very interesting and useful for us.  Plus I get to chair the committee, so I’m sure I’ll be thinking and asking about all sorts of randomRead More →

Some of the folks at the UF Libraries are working on a game to introduce new students to the library. The game is still in progress, but it’s available here. Games are definitely making there way into all areas of life, and this game shows just one of the ways games are coming to the library.Read More →