Just in time for the gift-giving season: Making Sense of Digital Humanities, edited by Julian Chambliss and Ellen Moll

It is always wonderful to see important new publications come out as Open Access, and Julian Chambliss and Ellen Moll have just released their edited collection, Making Sense of Digital Humanities: Transformations and Interventions in Technocultures! 

I have not yet had time tor ead the full volume. The volume includes many familiar names for digital humanities, and some new names for me. After the opening materials, the sections are:
I. Data, Ethics, and Society
II. Global Digital Humanities
III. Community and Digital Humanities
IV. Teaching and Learning

I’m not sure when I’ll teach a Digital Humanities class in the future. I am happy to know that this will be the textbook to use when I do! Sharing for all of us looking for books for thinking, researching, and teaching, and as an example of how we can build Open Educational Resources like this to broaden our field while increasing affordability.