I love ACURIL, being in community is magical, and Wordly.AI seems to work well

With a heart overflowing with joy, I write from the always wonderful ACURIL conference! ACURIL is the Association of Caribben University, Research, and Institutional Libraries, and this year, it is in beautiful Curaçao. There’s too much to write, so I hope to caught up in the coming months on sharing on wonderful work and fun underway at ACURIL instititions!

One note is that this year is the first year ACURIL is testing automated translation, using wordly.ai, which automatically detects and translates speech into transcribed text and audio in other languages. I’m interested to see the overall evaluation from all ~200 partipants. From what I can tell, it works well, and I am excited to see it in other meetings, to aid communication and collaboration.

If anyone is connected to Caribbean libraries (understood as libraries, archives, museums, and information organizations), I recommend joining ACURIL (https://acuril.org/). It is a fantastic community!