4Ls as Liked, Learned, Lacked, and Longed for

With Library Technology & Digital Strategies having accomplished so much in the last two years (thanks to everyone on these amazing teams!), we’re looking to continue to build, grow, and mature operations. As always, we are looking to do so at in a sustainable manner, so a maintainable pace for accomplishing work and improving. For the next phase of work, retrospective techniques are useful for maturing operations. One that is great is the 4Ls Retrospective (my preferred Liked, Learned, Lacked, and Longed for, and also versions like Loved, Loathed, Learned, and Longed for). The framework is clear and productive, and I love this framework to ensure folks are and feel called in:

  • Liked
  • Lacked
  • Learned
  • Longed for

I’m looking forward to discussing this with the teams, to see how they feel about this for considering projects, programs, and processes, as a framework for increasing understanding and making improvements. I’m also looking forward to potentially using this with some selected partners, as a way to better define and support the relationship, following normal practices for relationship management.

Also, I am thrilled to be through our age of great migrations (website, catalog, digital collections) where all systems had been in place for a decade or more, and the migration was a major lift. I love that we are in a better (and good) place to be able to build for the next phases. I am always looking for ideas and practices to support the team and work to be done, and am excited to learn and do different things at this new stage.