Planning a Strategic Retreat, Digital Partnerships & Strategies and Library Technology Services

We’re continuing to work on planning for strategic retreat sessions for this summer. We’re still in the research phase for Digital Partnerships & Strategies.

For Library Technology Services, we are open to change, but we have a plan! The plan is to have 2 meetings, with the first to be unit-level and then the second with all four units together as a department. We’re planning to use BINGO as the structure, and details are below. I’m hoping that this is fun and effective in our zoom meeting world. It is always useful to share terminology, map to local (unit) practices, and then re-map and share with a larger group (department). With the minimum required as useful, we’ll meet that, so the goal is to go further and make it fun and workable for the online meeting format.

As always, I love to hear thoughts on what we’re doing, and ideas from others on what y’all are doing! Looking forward to always learning more together!

Daily stand-ups Skip-level meetings (MBWA) Acceptance criteria


Stakeholder check-ins Works in process (WIP) limit
Office hours Kanban Tracking waiting to hear back Rinse and repeat 5 good ways to say “no” (or, “not yet”)
Impersonal email address (Unit-level help email) Watercooler meetings


Maintenance MVP (Minimum Viable Product) (Demolition and) Discovery Time
Sustainable pace Agile/scrum with regular stakeholder meetings Written expectations (e.g., SLA, style or etiquette guide) Triangle of Satisfaction Shared documentation


Project portfolio plan, for year in Q1-Q4 Time blocking


Compassionate computing


Solutions-oriented Contributive justice

July 7 LTS-Unit Meetings:

  • Goal: get to BINGO with at least 5 terms that relate to the work of your unit. This should include things you are doing now, and can include things you plan to start (or stop) doing in the coming year.
  • You can move the terms in the squares around.
  • You can change the terms for others, if there are other practices you want to highlight and share.
  • Once you have your 5 items, prepare short stories/explanations of how these work for your unit.


July 13 LTS-Department Meeting:

  • People from each unit share the 5 stories of the unit’s BINGO items with the full department.
  • Each story should speak to what your practices are and how the term relates to those practices.