Lots of Rivers Run North, Part Two (Or, Jax Love!)

Yesterday and today, I was chatting with people, again, on past post on remembering being taught that as a kid in Jax that the “St. John’s River in Jacksonville was one of only 2 in the world that flow north” which is both false and so commonly held in Jax that there’s an article by a retired professor in Jacksonville to debunk this, based on the professor hearing this falsity so often.

And, it turns out that this is not just taught in Jacksonville, but that folks from across Florida learn this! I’ve heard from folks in central and south Florida that they were also taught this! (I also learned that a south Florida colleague went to the Fountain of Youth for a field trip on Florida history, which was unexpected to me.)

I love that across the state, we are taught how Jacksonville is special, in this weird way.