Next issue of SOURCE, Special Series: Destination Places and Spaces in the Libraries

SOURCE Magazine
We are working on the next issue of SOURCE, which will include several articles that start our first ongoing series, on “Destination Spaces/Places” in the Libraries. Brian Keith, Associate Dean for Administrative Services and Faculty Affairs envisioned this series, to highlight the many wondrous spaces and places in the Libraries. The series will cover major library spaces, including many recently renovated spaces, with some renovations dramatically changing the space (as with changing movable stacks to study spaces) and others that re-enliven past structures for the present, with all renovations supporting historical design aspects and the greater and grander sense of place and space in Libraries. The series will note important architectural elements and hidden gems, from a corner window study space, to round overhead lights, to lesser known study areas where you can always find a quiet seat, to quotations in stone that speak to the mission and role of higher education in serving the public good, and more. I’m extremely excited about this series for so many reasons. The series will feature many new writers to SOURCE from across the Libraries, speaking to the sense and feeling of our libraries. My earlier research on video games focused heavily on space (virtual and representational space in games, and the play space), because I’m fascinated by how we experience the world around us and how we share those experiences with others. Libraries are spaces for work, play, and dreaming as we imagine what can be. Thanks to Brian Keith for bringing this series to life! We are excited to share the first articles of this series in the upcoming issue! Cross-posting to the LibraryPress@UF blog.