The Dominican Newspaper, 1 issue from 1873

Earlier, I wrote about new newspapers in the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC). With the newspapers loading, I’m now starting work on outreach. This generally starts with:

  • Emailing contacts (and meeting new contacts through email!) from the country of the newspaper, to share that the paper is online and be in communication for supporting any local needs (file copies, promotion planning)
  • Editing Wikipedia entries to link to the newspapers
  • Planning next promotion work, first by learning something about the newspapers

In reading about The Dominicanwhere we only have 1 issue from 1873, the paper, I have found these information pieces:

  • “George Charles Falconer [… ]proprieter and editor” (source)
  • “George Charles Falconer, a coloured man, the printer of The Dominican newspaper and a teacher of a Mico charity school” (source)
  • Newspaper record from the American Antiquarian Society
  • “1838 Mulatto Ascendancy form a majority in House of Assembly of Dominica, the first in the British West Indies.This was under the leadership of the flambouyant, self-educated newspaperman George Charles Falconer.” (source)

I’m just starting on this exploration, and excited to learn more, and then learn how to best connect these materials to support Caribbean Studies!