Friendsgiving, 24 Hour Rooms: How will We Practice Holiday Solidarity?

As we go into the winter holiday season, many folks will be unable to see family/friends. That is hard.  Solidarity gets us through, allowing us to survive and thrive.

I’m thinking about how we all support each other this holiday season. I’ll be talking to others and thinking about this as the holidays get closer.  I’m sharing preliminary thoughts now, in case they might be of use for others.

  • First, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous sponsor 24 hour rooms. These are fantastic ideas: spaces held open for community for those who need it, to come for solidarity, fellowship, and more (sometimes waffles; I know a great waffle maker).
    • We need these exactly as they are.
    • These also help us in thinking about how we hold space for each other. Maybe some folks hold hours at a park or in a yard (with activities) for set hours one day or everyday for a week?
    • While probably not yet applicable with folks still so overwhelmed, I’ve been thinking about how to support work, with so much work normally accomplished in hallway conversations. Things are still too busy for many folks right now, but in December, do I make a zoom room and have virtual open office hours (maybe)?  Do I have office hours outside (seems unlikely with pandemic numbers up, but seemed like an idea that could come to be useful)?
  • Friendsgiving-type events: so many folks hold events before or on the third Thursday of November, with many folks unable to travel in November. I’m thinking about this as a socially distanced event in a park, thanks to Florida’s warm weather options to be outside.