LibraryPress@UF Videos for Open Access Week

See awesome videos on the amazing LibraryPress@UF in celebration of Open Access Week! Thanks to Perry Collins for envisioning these and sharing these notes on the four videos on YouTube w/o burned captions:

About: This week we’re highlighting our publishing initiative LibraryPress@UF, working with @floridapress to publish scholarly and educational projects–all free to access: #OAWeek

  • LibraryPress@UF has a thriving journals program led by @ctjohnst, with nearly 20 titles edited by UF scholars, students, and partners: #OAWeek
  • LibraryPress@UF is working to make courses more affordable and inclusive! Here’s @perrycollins on textbooks, websites, and other open educational resources #OAWeek
  • In 1946, Edna Black’s mother began writing about her daughter’s experience with polio. Nearly 75 years later, LibraryPress@UF has published her diary as a glimpse into the virus’s history and a deeply personal chronicle of disease and resilience:  #OAWeek
  • SOURCE Magazine features the people and projects that make our libraries successful. Managing editor @macrat_uf share recent highlights and her design approach: #OAWeek