Library Technology Services, first draft of shared values for our work

UF’s Library Technology Services is undertaking strategic planning sessions. We’ve completed one of four sessions, each as 1.5 hours in zoom meetings with full group and breakout sessions, with this transformed from the planned all-day, in-person session).  The first session was a grounding (established shared values, language, and orientation). The second will build project planning and management, following agile philosophies, and we’re moving further into agile project portfolio management. If interested, please the schedule, which has links to pre-readings, project charter template, project retrospective templates, and agile project portfolio management workbook samples:

In the meeting on Tuesday, we-LTS affirmed (pending edits, always), a draft of shared values for our work ( I’m sharing them here because how we engage together as technologists matters, and our joy is amplified when we share to invite feedback and discussion to build and improve our work together (please share feedback and ideas!):

We practice compassionate computing.

We employ generous thinking and shine theory to support each other.

We work from a place of empathy for our users, our systems, and ourselves.

We strive to do our best work to the highest level of our abilities as proactive, aspirational, and collaborative partners in the Libraries.

We work based on research and testing.

We are honest and accurate in estimating our time and impact, accepting the limits of what we will know in any given situation.

We accept that technology work means that we will see failure frequently, for things we can and cannot control.

We understand that our work includes how we handle problems for things beyond our control.

We work to mitigate risk and minimize impact to our collaborators and users.

We strive to understand problems, needs and impacts, to be able to work from a place of greatest possible information (while knowing that we will never have total information nor total control).

We take pride in our work, taking ownership for problems and successes.

We learn together to support our individual, shared, and collective work at UF and in libraries more broadly.

We celebrate our wins!