Library Technology: Concerns, Goals, and Dreams

I’m now the Senior Director for Library Technology & Digital Strategies at UF. We’ve been doing awesome work, and are looking to do even more incredible work, to move to better ways or working, and to ensure greater impact from our work. To enable all of this, we’re holding a series of conversations with folks in Library Technology Services and across the Libraries. In these, we’re asking folks to share on three things related to their work (as individuals and for the folks they represent) as related to library technology: concerns, goals, and dreams.

I don’t know that we all talk about dreams often enough in our work. In working and learning from so many fantastic people with the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), I’ve learned to ask about our dreams. In asking, so often the response on our work dreams are things that we can totally do and should do. Our collective dreams are so often about how we can work better together, how work processes can be improved, and how we collectively can be unblocked so that we can do better.  I love getting to make dreams happen, and I love even more the process of asking people to share dreams and for us to dream together. We’ve just started these conversations with Library Technology at UF, as of Wednesday, January 22. The conversations will continue for a first-pass through April. From this early start, we’re already seeing new questions and ideas.

I’m excited to be in process on this, and for more to come and to share!