LibraryPress@UF wins LoPresti Award for publication

LibraryPress@UF has been awarded the 2019 LoPresti Award by the Southeast Chapter of the Art Libraries Society of North America for the publication Madagascar from A to Z in the Children’s Book category. The judges gave it high marks for usefulness to a children’s literature collection, as well as to its excellent and engaging illustrations. It was also noted that the book is a wonderful teaching tool for young readers to learn about another country and its language, while observing the results of a multicultural team effort.

Madagascar from A to Z is a children’s alphabet book written in English and translated into Malagasy. This colorful picture book features the endemic fauna and flora of Madagascar, and provides for children an engaging introduction to protecting these natural wonders. The book was created by two students, Grace Gibson and Soleil Nguyen at the University of Florida in collaboration and with support of Dr. Michele Tennant. Dr. Tennant is a library faculty member and taught their Honors Course based on the book Thank You, Madagascar: The Conservation Diaries of Alison Jolly. The team included Malagasy translators Michel Andriamihajanirina and Victor Ranaivoson, as well as Jill Ranaivoson from UF’s International Center.

The book is fully Open Access online at and available as print on demand. Copies of the book were distributed to children, libraries, and non-governmental organizations in Madagascar. Study abroad students in 2018 and 2019 used the book to teach English, as have local libraries and a research center.

The book exemplifies the new opportunities with the LibraryPress@UF, which is a joint imprint of the UF Libraries and the UF Press, and which is designed to build upon the collections and works of the Libraries at the University of Florida.