New, Paid Graduate Student Internship at UF

The Libraries at UF have a fantastic paid graduate student internship program where a person within the Libraries collaborates with a teaching faculty member on campus to develop a project proposal that supports the Libraries’ needs and that is designed to support the student’s future career opportunities. The proposals go through a supportive peer review process for improvement and validation, and then are reviewed by the Dean for awards. The awarded projects pay students $15/hour for 10 hours/week for 16 weeks in a semester, and can be for 1-3 semesters. There’s more on this fantastic program here:

Proposals are reviewed twice a year, and the newest awards are now posting to hire interns. The first posting out is for the Smathers Graduate Internship: Exploring the Work and Times of Cuban Intellectuals in the Nineteenth Century. The job posting is here: and the internship proposal with more information is here:

Please share this paid internship opportunity, and please share about this important program, and other paid internship programs! We need more supports for all levels of our workforce and workers, including graduate students.